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[Icehouse] Re: Monochrome Stashes - LAST COMMENT!

  • Fromswandive78@xxxxxxxxx
  • DateFri, 3 Aug 2007 18:27:21 -0500
I've just received an off-list e-mail from a friend of the Looneys who feels that my comments on the monochrome stash issue are "obnoxious," and "badmouthing."  To be honest, I knew that several members of the community were not happy with my posts, but I was surprised to see those specific words being shot at me.

If that's the general impression, I'd like to apologize to the Looneys and the rabbits, one and all.  I had, and have, no intention of insulting the Looneys.  I don't know them personally, although, like many of you, I feel like I know them somewhat from their rather open story of the "Icehouse years."

I feel that one of the purposes of this forum is informed dissent.  It's nice when we all agree, but there are things to be learned by all of us when our opinions differ.  If my opinion is not the same as you, perhaps we can both try to see the other side.  There are matters both of fact and opionion we can discuss, and call each other on when we are ill-informed or disingenuous.

If you're interested in my opinion, I'm happy to give it to you.  If not, sorry to waste your bandwidth, but don't worry, this will be my last posting on this subject.  I really only intended to make one posting on this subject, anyway, but it's easy to get sucked into an increasingly agressive series of replies.   I think there are better ways to spend our time than arguing. 

Once again, thanks for listening.
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