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Re: [Icehouse] Twin Win

  • FromEric Handler <reldnahcire@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 09 Sep 2007 11:28:19 -0500
Regarding all this, I had been thinking about working out a magnetic adjustment to some pieces(magnetic volcano/twinwin board). I have high hopes that i can do this while maintaining stackability, but that is an unknown. Unfortunately I didn't get to this project before classes started again (stupid university...oh wait education = more gaming money...) I am thinking of contacting a supplier I used for magnetic wargaming bases(Litko Aerosystems). Feel free to steal my project to get listed on the aforementioned site.

On a side note, does this work for typing twin win?( Not a math nerd I swear...)
prounounced "t win squared"

Elliott C. Evans wrote:
Brian Campbell wrote:

Points to the first person who gets an Icehouse game listed on that page!

Double points if it uses giant pieces. =^>

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