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RE: [Icehouse] IGDC Winter 2008 is ready for announcement tomorrow!

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 08 Nov 2007 08:54:44 -0700
> From: "Timothy Hunt" <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I suspect that the better way to approach this in future is to direct
> the judging a bit more.  Saying something like "THe purpose of this
> contest is to come up with games that encourage customers who have a
> single treehouse set to purchase a second, without requiring them to
> purchase a third." and then leave it up to the judges to factor that
> in.  A game for which a single treehouse set is *clearly* sufficient
> would get a low ranking from me in such a situation, as would one
> where play was either impossible or impeded unless you had 3.
> In other words, I hope this doesn't discourage you from taking on this
> great task, but that you reconsider *how* to run it in the future.

I suppose that is a better tack, though I'd still want to "vet"
submissions, so that we don't end up with a game that only slightly
acknowledge the restriction (if at all) and thereby waste judge's time
reading it only to discover that it's a red herring, vis a vis the
purpose of the competition restriction (product sales promotion). It's
tantamount to spamming the competition, if one ignores a requirement
just to get one's game noticed or read; I'd treat it as such  (i.e. not
pass it along to judges).

Although this is largely sort of moot: the Summer 2008 will be
unrestricted; and even if we restrict Winter 2009, I will probably be
pushing *hard* (as in, "someone else run it, if not") for a thematic,
word-association sort of restriction like in the Iron Game Chef
Competitions. And so, if we continue that alternating pattern of
"restricted - unrestricted" then the next opportunity for product-based
restrictions is going to be Winter 2010.

Unless, of course, a new Icehouse product should show up in need of love
(*ahem*Loco/Eco sets*Ahem*)....


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