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  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 19 Feb 2008 11:26:33 -0700
> From: "Ryan Hackel" <deeplogic@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Though you've got a good idea there in somehow incorporating Web2.0 features into the Icehouse wiki.  (David, you're our wiki guy, what do you think?)

Oh, God, I am? No, if you want to do it and know how to do it, do it.
Though BGG already does it (and one can link back to IHG from there, to
have a "single source" rule page.

Although it wouldn't be hard to come up with, say, a "my favorite games"
template, I shouldn't think. I tend to do a "my games" list on my User
page, but it's just handwritten HTML. Ranking stuff might be a bit
harder, though, as you have to code for one-person-one-vote, somehow do
persistence (another way of using a template page, I suppose?), and
probably embed it into the existing Infobox_Game (which isn't even the
ONLY Infobox--some games use the Sandbox one, which is a bitch to
maintain--e.g. one must change a "prev_game" and "next_game" variable
whenever someone puts up a game which alphabetically appears as the new
previous or next).

But, to be honest, if you're feeling like getting wiki with it, we are
in need of some work like that on the Rabbits wiki:

We've been stalled for, like, months on a project to make badges for
convention attendance and Warren memebership (and whatever else--region,
whatnot). basically, the Rabbit wiki is SUPPOSED to be a heavy
community-driven site; I never imagine IHG being such a site--it's
enough just to get folks to list their games on the various Level 1
navigation pages (see IHG Main Page)... or, hell, to even COMPLETE

Anyhow, I am not a gateway--if I were then "What Can I Play?" would be
on the frigging sidebar navigation panel (as requested for over a

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