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RE: [Icehouse] Icehouse game book

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 21 Feb 2008 11:51:04 -0700
> From: Doug Orleans <dougorleans@xxxxxxxxx>
> I'm confused.  Why do you need anything at all from Looney Labs?  If
> you get all the designers' permissions, you can just publish the book
> yourself.  I don't even think the term "Icehouse" is trademarked.

1) I am not too sure of that... and I wouldn't use their imprint or
graphics without them profiting anyway, copyright or not.

2) If I charge anything above production costs, there's profit. Profit
goes to someone (one check recipient). I didn't want to become a
clearinghouse for micro-payment distribution to designers (who,
actually, had to put a CC license on their games to be considered
anyway, if you recall). Thus, I can not profit. Bit the Looneys could,
and I'd be pleased if their invention (Icehouse) gained then a few bucks
per printed POD book.

3) I am well-aware that I can release my own product--or my own
compilation of games I design--for profit or whatever. In fact, if I
ever get Stacktors! balanced and finished (*sigh*) I have every
intention of releasing it as a single-sheet, laminated product (with a
rules booklet, if necessary). But a compilation book is different; it
has several--or rather, no--"owners."

That said, you are probably right from a legal standpoint. But I'd
prefer to put my "David Artman, Editor" mark on a book that is right
from my perspective of fairness, which means we designers push our CC
games' profits back to the Looneys, the better to support future
Icehouse products.

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