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Re: [Icehouse] Discard and Draw in Zark City

  • From"Jorge Arroyo" <trozo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 27 Feb 2008 16:00:23 +0100
I understand that you discard any cards, then if you've got 3 or less cards, you draw three. If you've got 4 or more, you draw enough cards to get a hand of 6. It makes you choose what cards to discard before knowing what cards you'll get.

I see how it could also be interpreted as, discard unwanted cards, draw three cards and look at them. If taking the three cards would make your hand over 6, then just take the necessary number (choosing the ones you want from the three you drew) so your hand doesn't become bigger than 6 cards.

Of course, maybe it's just as simple as discard unwanted cards, draw three, then discard again to reach a hand size of 6, but then you'd be technically holding more than six cards at some point...

I think I like the first option better, as it's simpler and forces you to choose between discarding cards that may become useful after the draw  to get more cards, or keep them but then draw less cards... But maybe a clarification would be in order.

On the topic of discarding zero cards, as it says "any cards you don't want" I'd say if you want all of them, you wouldn't have to discard any...


On 2/27/08, Tom Phoenix <rb+wunderland@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Zark City looks like an intriguing game.


The description of Draw, on the PDF, says, "Discard any cards you
don't want, then draw three cards. You can never hold more than six

How many cards, if any, must be discarded before drawing? May a player
with five cards choose to discard one and draw only two new cards, for
example, or does that player discard one, then draw three and discard
one of those? May a player ever discard zero cards before drawing?

--Tom Phoenix
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