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[Icehouse] WW5 Tie & Variants

  • FromChristopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 16 Jan 2009 16:02:37 -0500
My lunchtime playgroup has pretty much completely supplanted Fluxx with World War 5, and I've subsequently played dozens and dozens of games.  Yesterday we had a first: A tie.  I had two of three territories in Asia and a large in east Australia.  My opponent had the other two in Australia and a large in south South America.  He attacked east Australia from there, pushing my large out, which I chose to move up to the remaining unoccupied Asian territory.  After resolving the attack, we both had all three territories in another country and a piece left at home, so we both met the "You win if all three territories in another colored continent are occupied by pieces of your color - provided you also have at least one piece of your color in your home continent." win condition.

We've also been playing with a variant rule to speed up larger games (we only get a half-hour lunch).  When playing with four or five players, we add the "subjugation rule" as shown here:

When a successful attack results in the defender moving his or her last piece out of his or her home continent, the attacker may replace any or all of the defender's pieces on the board with small pyramids of the attacker's color, then the rest of the defender's pieces are removed from the board. If the attacker has no small pieces available, this option is unavailable.

Another variant we've played to make a two player game more interesting is to use a neutral third color.  After your place your three pyramids on your home continent, you take turns placing a pyramid from the stock of the neutral color onto any open territory, with the caveat that you cannot fill all three territories of any given continent. Once there are no more places to put anything, the first player begins his turn.  When attacking a neutral pyramid, the opponent rolls dice for the defender and decides where to move the piece upon a losing defense roll.

A third variant that we plan to try is "Team Conquest."  One team plays North and South America, the other team plays Asia and Australia.  The first team to control both Europe and Africa (counting both teammate's colors as one for the purposes of control), or to eliminate both opponents, wins the game.  The "subjugation rule" described above is NOT applied in this game.


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