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[Icehouse] Homeworld playing pieces?

  • FromNyrath the nearly wise <nyrath@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 13 Feb 2009 20:41:07 -0500
I was toying with an idea for some home-brew Homeworld playing

My musing was around the fact that a pyramid pointed skyward
denoted a sun, while a pyramid on its side was a spaceship.

What if you had a set of minimal icehouse pieces
and on the interior faces, painted a sun on the
square base, and a spaceship on the triangular side?
If you looked at the playing table from above, you'd
see spaceships and stars where you should see them.

I was fantasizing even further.  Remember those
ancient naughty "stripper" ball point pens?
Hold the pen upright, and you see a lady wearing
a black bikini.  Turn the pen upside down, and
the bikini disappears

It is done with transparent channels and a
black opaque liquid.

So in theory, one could have transparent channels
delineating a spaceship on the triangular side,
and a star delineated on the square side.  When
the point is up, the black liquid drains into
the star, on its side the black liquid drains
into the triangle.

Yeah, totally out of the question, but a guy can
dream, can't he?

Take care,
Winchell Chung