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Re: [Icehouse] Your favorite (and least favorite) 3 (or 7) games

  • FromDennis Duquette <dennisdduquette@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 22 Mar 2009 10:13:57 -0700 (PDT)
--- On Sun, 3/22/09, Elliott C. Evans <eeyore@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You only need 3 sections to play 3-player Martian Chess.
> You'd only need a half dozen sections for 6-player.

I left one datum unreported. When I do make these, I'm making half a dozen, maybe a full dozen, at once. It's a small economy of scale, but I anticipate wanting that many on my games shelf eventually, anyway.

I don't suppose there's any hope you'll go back to selling the acrylic ones anytime soon? If you can't or won't, perhaps the volcano board makers could start making them for looney labs?

Thank you!

Dennis D Duquette


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