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Re: [Icehouse] Your favorite (and least favorite) 3 (or 7) games

  • FromRoss Andrews <lists@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 23 Mar 2009 17:00:53 -0500
Wow, I haven't posted on here in years. This question is pretty interesting, though:

Favorites (in alphabetic order):

1. Cooler
2. Missile Command
3. Sprawl
4. Thin Ice
5. Volcano
6. Zarcana
7. Zendo

Runners up: RAMbots and Zagami

Least favorites:
(excluding stupid things like Spicklehead, and things I haven't played)

1. Homeworlds:
I have never, ever been good at this. Which itself isn't bad, but it seems like everyone else IS. I vastly prefer the original IceTraders.
2. Treehouse:
I just never really got it. It seems a lot like Fluxx, but I already have a game like Fluxx, in handy deck form.
3. Arena:
We played this, or attempted to, in the first Game Design Competition. The rules were pretty incoherent.

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