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Re: [Icehouse] Binary Homeworlds: Start player house rule and strength of banker opening

  • FromRob Bryan <2short2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 31 Mar 2009 22:08:48 -0600
On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 4:18 PM, Joseph Peterson <jeepeterson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> (I think a green star blocks [Fools Mate], as well
> How?  I can't see it.

If one star is green, and either the other star or the ship is blue,
then after he builds his r1, you can trade your ship to red (as you
must) but you won't be stuck - you can still grow, and then trade or
move out.  You'll be in a weird cramped position, but not dead, and
maybe less so than the other guy.

>> (Red 1, Blue 2, Green ship)  So really it just means some
>> options I
>> didn't think were very good are instead really
>> obviously terrible.
> I'm curious about your viable openings.  There are 57 first player builds that make it past my first cut.  19 each in Banker, Goldilocks, Fortress.

I didn't really count - just remembered concluding there weren't very
many.  It depends what you mean by viable of course.  Let's see if I
can reconstruct my thinking - note this is for the first builder in a
second-builder-plays-first game and I'm dropping any I think are
clearly inferior, not that you couldn't play them successfully, but I
wouldn't pick them in a game I really wanted to win against a strong
  Looking only at colors, as first player I'm going to want three
different ones and one must be blue and one must be green.  If the
third is yellow, then the fools mate just discussed demands that the
green is a star.  A red ship seems obviously poor, so let's drop that.
 A blue ship is considerably more debateable, but I'd still put it
firmly on the side of not-as-good, so drop that too. That leaves just
GB-Y and RB-G in various size combos.  So that's the two viable
options I got.  Since I don't want a b1 star it's really 2 options
each for Banker and Goldilocks, and 4 for Fortress.   I guess by this
logic the only color combo that works in first-builder-goes-first but
not here is BY-G, but back when I was thinking this through the first
time, that was my preferred start, so it seemed like a more
significant loss.
  These days I like RB-G significantly better than GB-Y, and Banker
marginally more than Goldilocks.  I don't like Fortress at all, but
note that I come to this opinion entirely from ignorance: I never play
Fortress.  For that matter I don't play second-builder-plays-first, so
none of this analysis is actually from experience.

Hmm, I really must play some second-builder-plays-first games; just
since my last email in this thread I've been re-convincing myself that
it's maybe broken.  Or at least that I see a tactic for second builder
I want to play until I see why it isn't crushing.

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