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Re: [Icehouse] an interesting moment

  • FromTimothy Hunt <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 28 Apr 2009 13:32:18 -0500
On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 1:22 PM, Elliott C. Evans <eeyore@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Are they here maybe?
> http://www.icehousegames.com/SLICK.html
> SLICK used to be on Liam's web site, but it moved to the Looney Labs
> owned icehousegames.com at some point, then went unsupported when the
> wiki came up.

Ahh... many of them are - looks likely that was the original source,
but there's still a number that aren't there, or some that were
recovered from the Wayback machine on SLICK without pictures that I
have pictures to.

So, yes, I think there's a worthwhile project in getting these moved
to the Wiki, but a lot of typing saved.

Thanks Eeyore.