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Re: [Icehouse] Musings on Martian dice

  • FromBryan Stout <stoutwb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 9 Jul 2009 08:12:21 +0500
> With d6 so much more ubiquitous than d8, not sure how much cost-sense it
> would make for LL to offer an "expansion pack" (d8 + new rules) for TH,
> MC, or any of the other dTH-based games... but certainly it never hurts
> for you to invent and implement such ideas yourself  :-)

Ah yes, this reminds me about my concluding thoughts about this from
the viewpoint of Martian archeology:

Even if my speculation about the original type of Martian dice is
correct, that doesn't mean I object to the use of Terran D6s.  For one
thing, I'm not usually a purist, instead I like anything good -- I
like authentic ethnic food as well as Americanized ethnic food; I
enjoy many different chess variations rather than just one chess game.
For another thing, there is the practical issue of expense: I'm sure
D6s will always cost less than D8s.  I'm not familiar with the details
to know; Andy may well like the idea of D8s for future Icehouse games,
and have them manufactured, or he may judge them not worth the extra
expense, and we'll just have to make a few at home.

Thanks to you and all the others for sharing your own ideas and
reactions.  Keep them coming!