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Re: [Icehouse] big pyramids

  • FromJohn Francis <whooshtn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 16 Apr 2010 17:14:10 -0400
I haven't actually made them, but using the pictures that someone had online, I could make a replica.  At some point I think they were supposed to 8x the normal plastic ones, but as long as proportions are correct, you could build them larger or smaller.  The ones that LL originally had were ones that didn't require anything more than cutting them out.  When folded right, it will stay that way until you take them apart.  It will make traveling with them, say to a convention, a lot easier than if they are folded.  :)

I did all the dimensions and drew the shapes on graph paper.  The only thing I need are large corrugated cardboard, and the ability to cut out the shapes. 

I did not ask anyone for permission to do this, but then again, I haven't made them yet.  :P

If you are interrested in making these large pyramids, I'd be happy to send my drawings to you.  I have them scanned in, I just need to find them.  I did all the measurements and angles by hand, and all though they work on the small scale ones, I have not tried to make them.  It requires a lot of cardboard, and in order to make them fit any of the shapes of cardboard, it should actually be unused (no existing cuts or creases if possible). 

Note : the cardboard versions can be painted with just about anything.  :)

-- John

On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 4:49 PM, David L. Willson <DLWillson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> at hand.  Do you want them solid or hollow?  Do you care about
> weight?
>  What games are you going to play? (This seems irrelevant, but
> actually I think different materials might be more useful fFor
> different games)  You mentioned fFoam.  Cool!  I was thinking it
> might
> --Scott

I'm going to turn them sideways, mount them on 6' poles, and use them as guide-markers.  First, I'll use them for a Linux class I'm teaching, then in September, after they're used to the work, I'll use them to guide people to my Icehouse Games table at Tacticon.  So, I need 4 sideways.  Maybe the Homeworlds colors, and one upright gold one.  All same size.

I think I'll use corrugated cardboard and some sort of lightweight filler/smoother.
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