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I count myself among the lucky ones! Yay me! With everything else that's
happening it's nice that something seems to have gone in my favour.

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--On Dec 8, 2005  Jennifer Waddington <very_evil_kitten@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> I am also in possession of immensely cool Christmas Fluxx cards! Yay! 
> Thank you!

You are very lucky, Jennifer!

Most of the UK envelopes came back yesterday for additional postage.

The folks who sent out the mailing for us goofed - they put .37 cents
all the envelopes - even the 219 international ones.  So they are
coming back for more postage.  But a few of them got through - didn't 
someone earlier say he got his in France?

Anyway...  all registered Rabbits got the gift - even those in far away 
countries...  it's just going to take a bit longer even than it should 
have.  Sorry.

We are so happy everyone is enjoying their new cards!

Happy Holidays!

-Kristin (of the Looney variety)

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