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  • From"Andrew Zorowitz" <zorowa@xxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 2 Jan 2006 10:57:48 -0500

Did you all like your location last year? Did the giant chessboard work out?




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Marnen and I can bring our experiment kit, with extra stashes.  We can also run Zendo and Icehouse if you'd like.

On 1/1/06, Kyle Normandin <handofposyden@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'll be hosting/running a mini-experiment at genericon (genericon.union.rpi.edu) at the following times


Friday--9:30 pm - 1:30 am
Saturday--7 pm - 11 pm
Sunday--1:30 pm - 5 pm


Games to be offered are Chrononauts, Aquarius, Fluxx 3.0, Nanofictionary, and Are you a Werewolf?


If any rabbits can make it and brings along a few stashes of Pyramids we could turn this into a little experiment.


Genericon runs January 27th till the 29th

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