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[Rabbits] Rabbit needed in Lemoyne, PA

  • FromAlison <event-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 10 Jan 2006 12:16:37 -0500
Hello Friendly Rabbit-like folks everywhere (but particularly in PA)

There is a store in Lemoyne, PA which sells our stuff, which would like a Rabbit to come and do an employee demo. The owner, Mayer (pronounced like "mayor" - the head of a town) says since he's never played, he doesn't know how to answer questions (about EcoFluxx, and Chrononauts in particular.)

I think simply going out and teaching him how to play would be a huge help to him. It would give him an idea of how to explain the games (hearing someone else explain it to him) and get him more excited and involved personally with them.

So, a formal demo event is not necessarily what's called for, just a kind of courtesy visit to show off the goods and teach one or two people how to play. He might eventually like to arrange demos for customers as well, but I think the first thing is to teach our games to him.

Here is contact information for him at the store:

Mayer Foner
M. Foner's Games Only Emporium
230 S 8th St
Lemoyne, PA 17043-1813
Email: maygam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 717-761-8988

Get back to us here at the labs if you're interested (email us at event-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and then contact him about setting up a time.

Thanks for whatever anyone might be able to do to help out with this.

and Thank you all for being Rabbits!


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