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RE: [Rabbits] questions about Are You a Werewolf? packaging

  • From"Nimrod Jones" <nimrod@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 26 Feb 2006 23:11:53 -0000
> Here is my question:
> What if we just sold the cello wrap of cards without a zip lock bag?
> Do we just sell the little pack next to Fluxx Blanxx and Lost 
> IDs? or do we need to provide a bag for the end user to store 
> their cards in?
> I can do either one...
> If it's $4 without the bag, and $5 with it - does that change 
> your answer?

Personally I like the zip-lock for packing away my cards. Especially
handy in my purple bag since unlike my other loose cards, I don't need
to concern myself with where to stash them. I'm kind of particular about
things like this and having cards knocking around loose only runs the
risk of damaging them. To be honest, for demoing at conventions it's
such a popular game that should I ever find myself doing this alone I
really should have a second pack - not sure if two sets would fit into
the one ziplock - so two ziplocks would be equally as useful since I can
happily split the cards for storage and fish out what I need as I need

So far as price is concerned I think they're cheap enough as nice props
to the game not to matter too much for the extra dollar for the sake of
better storage.

The thing about Fluxx Blanxx and Lost IDs is that you didn't need any
form of independent storage. If you used your blanks they got shuffled
into the deck and Lost IDs are also intended to be shuffled into the
deck and not kept separate. There is no "other game" for AYAW? So, in my
opinion, it needs a form of self-containment.
> Also - what do people think of this etiquette card? 

By the time I got hold of it at conventions we'd already established our
mode of play enough that you were likely to get lynched for "using
logic" and at home people had played enough to have developed their own
style of play.

Personally I like the card as something useful for people who haven't
played the game, have bought it and wondering what to do with it.
Whether the card is handed out or simply explained by the moderator,
this is quite a nice way to present the option.

The only real trouble I've ever had running AYAW I've explained on this
list before was when I ran it at a party and the card probably wouldn't
have helped much anyway since everything was far too chaotic.

>How have the werewolf circles been going at the conventions? Have you
>these etiquette cards available to hand around? Have they helped keep
>circles under control?  :)  Have you played, or seen other people
>the other published versions of Werewolf at conventions? Your thoughts
>any of this are welcome...  now is the time to make any tweaks we want
>make to our version before the next print run.

See above and my event reports for how Werewolf has been doing at
conventions. We've handed out these cards at times, but most of the time
it's rare that we have many people now who have not previously played
and the tendency at cons leans towards the mindless mobs. The most
cautious I've seen a group was when I withheld the number of werewolves
from everyone (see my recent event report) and that had nothing to do
with the card and everything to do with knowing the kind of players we

These days, due to the large numbers, we tend to play with a custom pack
which adds a couple of roles and has enough cards to play with probably
twice as many as we have turn up (which is way above what a single deck
supports). At home, I only have my own deck of Werewolf cards and they
quite happily support the numbers I get for that.

> Let me know what you think about the zip lock bags!

See above.

...going to Japan in May! Yay!