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[Rabbits] RE: questions about Are You a Werewolf?

  • From"Clark D. Rodeffer" <clark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 27 Feb 2006 09:21:21 -0800 (PST)
My votes:

* Hole punched zipper bag packaging: Some
re-close-able packaging is essential for storage and
portability, even at a slightly higher cost. But as
someone else said, if you can keep the MSRP in the $5
range, you should be fine.

* Bar code on back of last card instead of paper wrap:
This is a great idea, especially if it decreases
printing / assembly costs.

* Narrator script card: I consider it essential in any
game with first time players, and good, even with old

* Card to randomly determine moderator: I've never
played that way. Usually, some charismatic leader just
takes on moderating for several games in a row.

* Etiquette card: It's a good addition if it doesn't
increase printing costs, but not essential if it does.

* Looney Labs branding on cards (e.g., web address in
border): This is essential, and in my opinion, long

* Other published versions: I don't have enough
experience to say one way or the other whether the
additional roles are fun, annoying, wonderful, broken,
or anything else. But I do realize that it's probably
as much a political issue as anything else, and
customers will fall on both sides. You'll have to make
some tough choices if you want to win over people who
would rather buy the other brands (at three or four
times the price), for whatever reasons. Maybe they
like the extra roles, or even some of them? Maybe they
like the square shaped cards? Maybe they like the
color illustrations or linen finish? Maybe they like
white borders better than black because they wear
better? And some customers are simply so biased that
they will always choose this company over that
company, no matter what you do.