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Re: [Rabbits] RE: questions about Are You a Werewolf?

  • From"Nimrod Jones" <nimrod@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 28 Feb 2006 12:34:16 -0000
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On 28/02/2006 11:03:57, Steven R. Black II wrote: 

> Other rule: Mayor - voted by majority of players before first lynching.
> Mayor holds the rules card to show who it is. When voting for lynching,
> they count as two villagers. When they die, they choose the next mayor.
> In the end, if there's 1 WW and the Mayor, the mayor is assumed to be
> staying up all night with a gun (sign of his authority) and kills the
> WW before he is eaten. I prefer this over the first-night kill or an
> even number of villagers.
Hmm, not sure if I like the Mayor or not. Nice idea, at least at the start, but since the Mayor gets re-voted how does this change the chances of the Werewolves winning? Unless all the Werewolves are already lynched won't this mean that the Werewolves have less chance of winning since it will likely always come down to Werewolf vs Mayor as far as I can see.