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Re: [Rabbits] Fluxx Ideas

  • From"Benjamin Klahn" <bfklahn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 8 Mar 2006 11:56:50 -0600
Action: Golden Age
Starting with your self and going clockwise deal one card to each
player from the deck until you have dealt each player 3 cards.

Action: Blessing From Hades
Take 2 cards from the discard pile and play both of them.
You may not choose this card.{Clarification necessary to prevent abuse}
[This is very powerful, I'll get "Take another Turn" and "Pilfer the
Trash" thank you very much. However I do like the idea, maybe
randomize it and make it D3 P2 or limit to the top 5]

Action: Lightning Bolt
Trash one keeper of your choice. All players then trash one keeper of
their choice.
[Lightning Bolts are targeted, but collateral damage should still occur]

New Rule: The Gods Have Blessed Us
Every Numeral becomes 4,
(two remains two: but 2 becomes 4)
[5 is a little High, but we can discuss this]

New Rule: The Gods Have Cursed Us
Every numeral on the field becomes 1
(two remains two: but 2 becomes 1)
[I like this one]

New Rule: Age of Mystery
At the beginning of your turn, before you draw any cards place one
card from your hand face down under age of mystery.(If you have no
cards ignore this.)
When drawing cards for your turn players may choose to skip drawing
any cards and take all the cards under age of mystery. (If Age of
Mystery is ever discarded, discard the cards under it as well. When
you play this card discard any other age in play.)
[The first part needs to be forced otherwise nothing good will ever end up.]

New Rule: Age of Prophecy
During your turn you may look at the top card of the deck. (Just you,
do not reveal it for all players to see. When you play this card
discard any other Age in play.)

New Rule: Age of War
During your turn you must pick a player. That player discards a card,
if they cannot then they must trash a keeper they control, if they
cannot then they may choose to trash this rule.

New Rule: Age of Peace
All Hand Limits are increased by 2.
All Keeper Limits are increased by 1.
Any action which would cause a player, other than the current player,
to discard a card has no effect.

[I wanted to create a cycle of cards called Ages, much like the Hand
Limit, Keeper Limit, Draw, and Play rules. That is to say there should
only be one in play at a time. I would think that the usual series of
poor, rich, etc. Bonus cards would be replaced with these age cards]


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