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Re: [Rabbits] Chattacon 32, Chattanooga TN January 26 -28

  • From"Maria Price" <mudpuppy1@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 1 Dec 2006 09:15:24 -0500
I had friends that kept trying to track you down at DragonCon.  That was fun.  :)  Sounds great!  I missed last year (first time in years) since we'd just moved.   I'll be there this year...hopefully with ears on!  :)  WHOHOO!!  --Maria

On 11/30/06, Billy Brahma <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The AYAW? Werewolf is going to this convention.  I ran AYAW? there last year
with a room assigned just to the game after 10 PM.

I have 4 decks just myself.  Will order a demo set to give away a T-shirt at
Chatta Con.. during my live action AYAW? game.  The first player from the
night before to find me in the Werewolf outfit and announce they found me
will win the T-Shirt.  I've done it several times already and its always a

Robert Bunn

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>From: "Maria Price" <mudpuppy1@xxxxxxxxx >
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>Subject: Re: [Rabbits] Chattacon 32, Chattanooga TN January 26 -28
>Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 13:18:24 -0500
>Hey!  Just found out that Anoki isn't going to make it (financial badness),
>so.....I only have 1 set of AWAY? cards at the moment (will try to borrow
>My big concern is that she was planning to attend the 12/9 (think that's
>right) planning meeting & had already told Kristen (gaming chairperson for
>ChattaCon) she'd run games.  So....if anyone's going to that meeting,
>mention the need for an area for AWAY? which will hopefully be a giant
>pyramid area too (although I don't have any yet).   I'm planning to make
>signs directing ppl to gaming area (mainly for AYAW?), so if there are
>issues with signs being posted, I'd appreciate that info trickling down to
>me.  :)  Please?  Don't want to upset a con hotel!  :)
>Per Anoki, Kristen mentioned something about a half price badge, so there's
>incentive!  :)
>Have a great day!  --Maria
>On 11/27/06, Maria Price < mudpuppy1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Lee & I will be there as always...all night AYAW? here I come!  :)  There
>>are enough ppl that I know planning to come that I think we will be able
>>do all night AYAW? pending space.  I know the space issue has also been
>>brought up to the planning committee.  :)
>>I know Anoki is planning to run games which include non-Looney games, but
>>also TONS of Looney games.  It's going to be great!  :)  --Maria
>>  On 11/27/06, Rev. Bob <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >
>> > Amy LoCurto <amyflocurto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >
>> > >  Hi there yall!
>> > >
>> > > Just wanted to know if anyone had plans to attend this con?  I just
>> > > email KC to tell her at least one rabbit is going to be there, but
>> > > we usually have a really good presence there and I was wondering if
>> > > anyone can come play games with me.
>> >
>> > I'll be there, but I'm probably going to be spending most of my time
>> > MIBing rather than rabbiting.  In fact, I'm trying to get a good read
>> > the MIB presence there as we speak, in hopes of being able to bring a
>> > rough estimate to the 12/9 Chattacon meeting.  (Yes, I emailed Greg.)
>> >
>> > In short, my rabbity availability will depend on how well the MIB
>> > schedule is covered.
>> >
>> >
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