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Re: [Rabbits] Chattacon 32, Chattanooga TN January 26 -28

  • From"Billy Brahma" <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 12 Dec 2006 14:35:39 -0500

I'm cool wth two sets of tables.. as long as I'm not juggling drunks again like last year. The joint consuite thing last year could have been a great idea had it not been for the long walks to the gaming room and the dominance of the con suite over everything else in that area. That was akin to trying to do an outdoor demo at a rock festival.

I'm fully equiped as is Amy to host my own games etc. for the entire length of the convention with little to no support. I did that at Dragon Con which is 300x more demanding and faired darn well and had time to chat up vendors, sell out two of them, and play AYAW? live... so.. just let me know where I need to lay down the table coverings and we'll go from there...

I do think that synergizing Amy and Greg together is a great idea. They play off each other extremely well and I think there joint energy is good for both companies sales. That and there joint interest in each others games seem to create alot of cross over interest. I wouldn't be a 1/110th of a synergy partner for Greg as I would be for Rich or Bob... Course thats up to Greg and Amy.. they might need a day of vacation or something.. =-)

Robert Bunn
The AYAW? Werewolf

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Subject: Re: [Rabbits] Chattacon 32, Chattanooga TN January 26 -28
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 06:58:54 +0000

On 12/1/06, Rev. Bob <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > The AYAW? Werewolf is going to this convention.  I ran AYAW? there
> > last year with a room assigned just to the game after 10 PM.
> >
> > >My big concern is that she was planning to attend the 12/9 (think
> > >that's right) planning meeting & had already told Kristen (gaming
> > >chairperson for ChattaCon) she'd run games.  So....if anyone's
> > >going to that meeting, please mention the need for an area for
> > >AWAY? which will hopefully be a giant pyramid area too (although
> > >I don't have any yet).   I'm planning to make signs directing ppl
> > >to gaming area (mainly for AYAW?), so if there are hotel issues
> > >with signs being posted, I'd appreciate that info trickling down
> > >to me.  :)  Please?  Don't want to upset a con hotel!  :)
> I'll be going to the 12/9 meeting, so I'll make sure to take the
> above concerns there.  Current info is that Gaming Central is the
> Pennsylvania Station poolside restaurant, which I understand should
> be available for 24-hour gaming...but I'll verify this at the
> meeting.

Results from the meeting:

There are a few assorted places set aside for gaming stuff this year,
and only one of them will turn into a pumpkin for a relatively short
time.  Current plans are for Pennsylvania Station to be all gaming, all
the time, and that's where I'll be stationed - and there's a request in
for it to have a soda tap, meaning we won't have to Brave The Cold for
drinks.  For those of you familiar with it, Rich's Board Game Library
will also be there.  Looney Labs space is currently planned for Grand
Central, which will again be half-games and half-consuite (so again, no
Braving The Cold), but that gaming area will apparently be turning into
a dance floor on ONE night (not both!) of the con.  It was unclear WHICH
night, though....

On the SJGames side, as I'm their con liaison, I've suggested that I'll
nail down a table in Penn Station and Greg can get one in Grand Central,
so he can synergize with Amy.  I would also suggest that some other
intrepid Rabbit(s) stake out a table in Penn Station - that way both
companies have representation in the two key areas, and all is good.  KC
has at least verbally approved this plan.

Now the downside: There is currently no dedicated AYAW room planned,
although I did don my rabbit ears long enough to request one.  Amy, KC
regards you as her primary LL contact AND you've got more experience
there than I do, so I'll leave it to you to drop her an email on that
front; hopefully you'll have better luck than I did there.

Did I miss anything?

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