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[Rabbits] [Event] Fluxx Demo and Game Day by Rebecca Olson

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  • DateSun, 1 Jul 2007 00:18:41 -0400
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Rebecca Olson has submitted.

Title: Fluxx Demo and Game Day
Location: Game Parlor, Woodbridge, VA
Date: June 30, 2007

Aaron and I arrived at the Woodbridge Game Parlor around 1:30. Aaron?s Anachronism tournament was supposed to start around 2:00. Luckily I scheduled my Fluxx demo for 3:00. As I expected, Aaron just happened to be one person short of the 12 they needed to hold a tournament. Quite reluctantly I took off my lab coat and played in the first round of Anachronism so that one of them could qualify for Worlds. But I told them that for helping them out, they had to play some Fluxx with me when they dropped out. The first round wrapped up right at 3:00, and as I put on my lab coat I heard someone say ?Fluxx?? behind me. James had been in the store the previous day looking for an interesting game. One of the employees, Yoda, had suggested Fluxx and told James about my demo. So James had come back with his other friend, James, to play. I was off to a great start. Yoda hopped into the middle of the first game, heading back to the register between his turns. By the end of the first game !
 we had a young person watching and I invited him to play with us. Jordan picked it up pretty fast. Timothy, one of the Anachronism players, dropped into the second game for a few minutes while waiting for the rest of the Anachronism players to finish their round. The first James was planning to purchase Fluxx but didn?t know whether he?d rather have the regular version or Eco Fluxx. So For the third game the two James, and Jordan and I played Eco Fluxx. I had a short break after that when my three players decided to return to their regular games. Between another round of Anachronism, Casey taught me Cosmic Coasters. I really enjoy learning a new game between teaching them! After another short break, Timothy came back and brought Arron (not misspelled, different than my Aaron) along for a game of Eco Fluxx. After that, my friend Danielle showed up. She and I play Martian Coasters with my boss on our lunch break pretty regularly. Danielle asked if I had anything new, so I pul!
 led out Cosmic Coasters. I don?t think I taught it very well s!
 ince I h
ad just learned it myself, but we stumbled through it and she won. George, who really should be a rabbit, joined us for a game of Volcano and Martian Coasters during a particularly long wait for the next round of Anachronism. When George went back to Anachronism, Danielle and I played 3 games of Aquarius (her favorite) and then she had to leave. Timothy and George came back for 2 more games of Volcano. 

I handed out a micro-catalog and the star promo card to everyone that played. George purchased a Fluxx deck and managed to find and buy the last set of Fluxx Blanxx (that I had searched for earlier). Yoda told me that James would be buying a copy of Fluxx, if he hadn?t already. 

Overall I played a total of 12 games (not including Anachronism), played with 9 different people, taught 3 people Fluxx and Eco Fluxx, and learned 1 new game. I had a great day!