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  • From"Chris Kice" <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 6 Jul 2007 15:06:48 -0500
On 7/6/07, Eric Haas <EricHaas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
RB> If there were such a raincheck law, it would surely apply to the online
RB> retailer for which I work - and we have no rainchecks at all.  Thus, I
RB> can only conclude that (a) there is no such law, or (b) my employer is
RB> violating it - of which I consider A to be the much more likely answer.

It varies state to state.  Since TrU has a retail presence in Illinois, they are required to uphold Illinois law for Illinois customers.  (They are also required to collect Illinois sales tax.)

Here's a story about Home Depot getting fined for refusing to issue rain checks:

On the federal side, the FTC requires that grocery stores offer rain checks unless a sale is advertised with limited available quantities:  http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2005/rain_checks.html

State and local laws can be more strict, however, and require that all stores require rain checks (which is what happened in the Home Depot case above).

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