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  • FromAvri Klemer <avri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 06 Jul 2007 13:52:17 -0400
I'm holding off on any definitive decision for now.  What I wonder is, did the alert to this Rabbit list hit TRU with a large volume of orders for a game that had not moved at all in some time (hence the $5 sale in the first place). 
If some of us that were slower in taking up the offer missed out, but the early birds got the worm, so be it.  If noone is getting their ordered EAC, then this is something else entirely - though it appears that this is not the case.  It appears that TRU had no problem filling my request for the two other $5 games I ordered.  It's just a shame that it is the LL game that I'm missing out on.  I suppose I'll have to pick it up at full retail at my FLGS.....  *grin*
I would be interested to know if a "raincheck law" applies but, having worked in retail for many years in a past life, my guess is that none does.
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OK, maybe I'm taking it too far, but check out who holds the registration on "toysrussucks.com":

That's a brand protection firm. Apparently, they buy up domains (and pursue creators) that are adverse or critical of their clients' brands or company. Without getting mired in a debate about trademarks, freedom of speech, satire, etc., I can at least say that this relationship demonstrates that Toys R Us is more concerned about shaping opinion than the truth about their behaviors and (to some) abuses.

Which shouldn't surprise me: their "sales event" was all a false front (shaping the opinion that there's this great opportunity to save) with nothing backing it up (out of stock items shown and orders canceled).

I'll leave it at that, now--three rants is enough. I am so verbal here because this is the only toy/game company who lends its owners' ears to their customers, and thus it seems better to discuss here, rather than on some uninterested forum (or into deaf complaint channels).


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