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[Rabbits] Nanofictionary question

  • From"Timothy Hunt" <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 13 Jul 2007 12:01:59 -0400
As I was being a judge in the nanofic finals, I noticed a curiosity.
Several people had used their "Resolution" card in ways that were
unexpected, to me.  Rather than using them to "Resolve" the problem,
they had used them as a "Setting" or even a "Problem".  The Rules
Lawyer in me checked the Nanofic rules, and although it doesn't
explicitly say that the Resolution *must* be played last, the rules do
state that the resolution card is played face down so that it doesn't
give away the ending.  It is therefore implied that the Resolution
card (both in the name of the card itself, and this in note in the
rules) is *intended* to be used as well, the Resolution - the ending.
It struck me as somewhat odd that people were using it in another way.
The consequence of using it as a Setting or Problem, meant there was
no Resolution to base the ending of the story on, which to my mind
made those stories weaker.

So, I guess I'm curious as to what others here think.  Is it really OK
to use a Resolution card in a way that doesn't somehow resolve the
story?  What's your justification?