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Re: [Rabbits] GenCon Rabbit Room?

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 14 Jul 2007 12:42:09 -0400
There is no Looney Labs sponsored Rabbit room at GenCon...   sorry...
it's all part of that not enough resources thing we are struggling with.

We are running the booth during the day, and Andy vs Everyone and Werewolf
in the evenings.  Although I have said differently previously, we actually
would LOVE some scheduled Rabbit help in the booth - it looks like I am
going to be distracted by meetings as much at GenCon as I was at Origins.

If you will be at GenCon, please be sure you are subscribed to the GenCon
planning list to get in on future discussions and planning:

I'm very sorry I was so distracted at Origins...  I had been planning to
spend the whole weekend hanging out in the lab spending time with our
Rabbits, talking about all the changes to the program and how we can all
work together to make this a good thing for the future of Looney Labs...
and instead I was embroiled in stressful trademark negotiations that I had
been advice by legal council not to discuss with anyone.  (And please, I
still can't really talk about it all yet. Later... )

We'll start discussions about GenCon in a few weeks - please be sure
you are on the planning list if you are going to be at the show!

Thank you everyone for all the hugs at Origins - they were appreciated!


--On July 14, 2007 Shane Tilton <tiltons@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is there going to be a rabbit room at GenCon? I was planning to help at
the  booth on Thursday. But if there a rabbit room, I could demo on

Shane Tilton,
Adjunct Instructor of Electronic Media,
Ohio University-Zanesville
Elson Hall 250
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