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[Rabbits] Kids buying stuff ---- was:Re: Gamer bar --

  • From"Kimberly Terrill" <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 8 Aug 2007 12:44:58 -0400
Just thought I'd share- my middle child is obsessed with coins and insists on being paid for work in coins and won;t trade them bills. So when he buys stuff at the game store he brings a bag of coins. Poor Brice hated counting it all.. but they didn't have to go get change/coins from the bank all week. It was just an almost-humorous-story I thought I'd share.  If a new person comes to the register they always know when my son has been there to buy something.
Funny- such a big store and only  one register...

--Kimberly (my kids don't get an allowance, buy can ask for work to earn money)
On 8/8/07, Joshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx> wrote:
Marnen Laibow-Koser writes:

>> Adults with their
>> own income are going to, in general, spend more than
>> kids leeching their parents money.
>And adults with kids tugging on their sleeves will spend more than
>either.  Retailers know this and plan accordingly.

It's true.  Children (by proxy) are a -huge- market -- for
entertainment purposes, often much larger than the adult market.
There's a reason that most action movies cater to 13-19 year olds, not
25-40 year olds.