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Re: [Rabbits] no more hobby store.... I am sad - light on the horizon?

  • From"Carlton Noles" <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 13 Sep 2007 09:50:24 -0400
Well if you ever come south to visit your husbands grandfather look us (we're in the book and as far as I can recall the only 'Noles') up and we'll play a few games and visit.

On 9/13/07, Kimberly Terrill <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My husband's Grandpa livesIn Punta Gorda.
(I like close to London here in Ohio...LOL)

On 9/13/07, Carlton Noles < carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The community I live in isn't named after a place but like many towns down this way has a Spanish name. The city is Punta Gorda (broad point) but I live in a community on the  south edge of town called Aqui Esta (here it is) in Spanish it is pronounced ah-KEE eh-STAH but people here pronounce it a-kwee  esta  (short english vowels all around except the long e).
But the eal head scratcher is a bit further south near Fort Myers. The town of Matlacha pronounced matt-lah-SHAY. Don't ask I have no idea where that came from.

Carlton "Kermit" Noles
"Joy Multiplies when it is shared among friends but grief diminishes at every division. That is life"
-Drizzt Do'Urden
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