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Re: [Rabbits] Fluxx Concepts/Expansion

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Martian Fluxx is already in the works!


On 1/28/08, Avri Klemer <avri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Martian Fluxx (to tie together Fluxx and Icehouse)?

Imagine the games you could design with a Martian Fluxx deck plus a
Treehouse set . . .


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> OK, the other webcomic thread has me wanting to poll:
> If you ran Looney Labs, which would be your next Fluxx concept or
> expansion, and why?
> Spy Fluxx - Riffing off of James Bond, Spy versus Spy, Get Smart and
> others, Spy Fluxx adds several new cards for things like looking at
> another person's hand or stealing Keepers, "double agent" Keepers which
> work for multiple players (ex: "If this Keeper is in play, both you and
> the player to your right are considered to have it for purposes of
> fulfilling a Goal"), new Keepers called "Gadgets" (each of which
> typically targets a subset of Keepers, either Discarding them or Taking
> them; or maybe also doing funky stuff with the Discard pile), and new,
> edgy artwork (be a nice change of pace from the simplicity of Fluxx and
> the whimsy of Zombie Fluxx).
> Space Fluxx - Nothing fictional here: an accurate, educational variant
> of Fluxx that is inspired by the current state of space exploration:
> manned missions, robotic surveys, funding battles, personnel selection
> and training, private industry relations, major supporters and
> influential managers, etc. I bet a few phone calls to NASA and ESA would
> lead to immediate access to their picture archives and maybe even rights
> to use mission and vehicle names (if those aren't already public domain,
> being--you know--paid for by taxes!). Beautiful four-color photos on
> Goals and Keepers (and special Actions or Rules); an obvious educational
> hook; a positive presentation of the future (though it'd be easy to make
> jaded or left-hand jokes about the current state of affairs!); possibly
> even the official logo of NASA: this product could really have legs.
> David
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