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[Rabbits] Proposing a new set of "phases" to AYaWW?

  • Fromswift@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateTue, 20 May 2008 10:57:07 -0700
Silaria and I have just returned from Morphicon, a regional Furry Fandom
convention held in Worthington, OH, just outside of Columbus; and I have to say
that furries play Are You a Werewolf with a completely different mind-set.

I've had the privilege of moderating games of AYaWW at numerous gaming
conventions and have been met with the careful and calculating players; for
whom the joy of deducting who the werewolves are and the disappointment of the
unfortunate death of a villager is part of the enjoyment of the game.

But no so with Furries.  They take perverse joy in sustaining the werewolves and
helping their cause that they let out a resounding cheer even in the midst of
certain defeat.  There is no calculating pause while they look around the group
to see who might be looking worried.  Last weekend, something as simple as
wearing a red shirt in the circle was enough to guarantee a swift lynching at
the hands of your fellow team-mates followed by a joyous "Huzzah."

By the end of the second two hour block set aside to play Are You a Werewolf,
after the third game of 30 players with at least that many watching and joining
in shouting "Huzzah," many of the regular players compelled me to suggest that
the game needed a defined set of "Huzzah phases" during the "Day time Phase." 
These would be situated after the player who was eaten by the werewolves was
revealed, heralding in the "Lynching Phase," and again after the lynched player
reveals themselves as anything other than a werewolf.  In the rare case the
village lynched a werewolf, a somber; "Awwww" is reverently uttered.

I expect that this suggested rule will likely be identified as a "House Rule" as
it only seems to apply to the game when played by players who are also Furry
Fans; however I felt compelled to share the excitement of those who took part
in playing this game again, and for the first time, this last weekend, with a
unique perspective on the objective.

Please take this with all the levity, humor and enjoyment it is meant to convey.
 Our friends in the fandom simply love this game and can't get enough of the
other LL games as well.

All the best!

Swift Fox
Pittsburgh Warren