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Re: [Rabbits] wwNEWS - Back To the Future! / New Hires / Renaming Rabbits / Shel & Shake

  • FromJennifer Waddington <very_evil_kitten@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 21 May 2010 00:41:58 +0100
The difficulty with changing over is going to be with name recognition. Gamers know to look for either 'Mad Lab Rabbits' or a pair of bunny ears in order to find us. Once the scheme is in place, what I'll have to do is wait for a sufficiently large convention where we can run the announcement that we are now whatever-name-is-finally-chosen both in the con book and as posters.
I can see the point of the reasons given for the change; at first we did get inquiries as to whether we were the Killer Bunnies people (that hasn't happened now for a long time though), and although the quirky Lab Rabbit tag and image seems to go down well here, it is likely different at the larger and broader US conventions when it comes to kid/adult suitability.
I quite fancy being a Mad Lab Assistant myself. Covers the need for a more formal image with my need to cackle insanely and cry out 'It's alive!' on regular occasions.
But dammit, lab coats in my size are going to be ex-pen-siiiiiive. Maybe I'll wear my Mad Alchemist costume instead.

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