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[Something] Re: [Something RabbitCraft] Placemat Purse

  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 30 Oct 2006 02:12:24 -0600
Ok, I think the trapezoid pattern is a bust... I just tried to pin a bandana together to test, and the shape is still far too shallow. I did manage to get cool looking instructions made, but alas they're not really functional.

Hmm... perhaps... Yes. that's a plan.... I'll try and draw up the idea, it's hard to describe... (but I'll try: fold a square in half across the vertical or horizontal, fold one short end of the rectangle you make over itself to hold the drawstring... then sew the two sides not used in an opening...)


On 10/29/06, TheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here is an illustrated version of the napkin bag (funnel shaped) I don't remember if I sent this out yet...


On 10/29/06, TheLoneGoldfish < thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here's a pattern that could be used for the "napkin bag" idea.


It's simple, but I figured having an illustration would help anyways... Speaking of that, I should draw up the trapezoid bag idea I had...