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RE: [Something] Another question for the RabBrits...

  • From"Christopher Hickman" <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 16 Jul 2007 10:16:01 -0400
>> *would* if I didn't have TiVo
> Which you pay for, right?

Gladly!  I absolutely LOVE my TiVo.

>>and as for "pledge wheedling," I have no idea what that means
> I seem to recall occasions when the American public channel (pbs?),
> which had most of the best TV (IMHO), would raise subscription money
> by interrupting the program until their viewer's pledges reached some
> threshold. During this break, some PBS people would wheedle ('Please
> please please, pledge, then you can get back to Dr. Who/ Nova/ etc.
> sooner... And support all that other stuff you like to watch ... ). Do
> they not do that any more? I've been here for nearly 10 years 
> so things may have changed. 

Ah, I see.  Yes, they do that for the public broadcasting system.  While
main commercial broadcasting stations are owned by squillionaires who make
their squillions from ridiculous advertisement revenues, PBS is financed by
viewers donations and charitable grants.  They occasionally have telethons
where they beg for money.  It's guilt money, see?  Obviously, if you are
watching their program, you watch the channel.  Can you watch the channel in
good conscience without offering some kind of support?  A lot of people do.
I used to watch a lot of Black Adder and Monty Python as a kid (I guess PBS
gets BBC leftovers), and I called in to donate $20, which is significant for
a 12 year old. :)

You know, I'm pretty sure BBC America has commercial breaks...