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[Chrononauts] Playing Chrononauts via email

  • Fromjdunaway@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateMon, 03 Dec 2007 19:28:29 +0000 (GMT)
Hi, everyone.

I've just completed (with the exception of the documentation, which should be done within the next couple of days) a gamebox for the CyberBoard play-by-email system that will allow you to play Chrononauts, Early American Chrononauts, ÜberChrononauts, Chrono2k, Artifaxx, Solonauts, and every combination I can think of with other Rabbits via email.

Are there any Rabbits interested in helping me playtest this gamebox? Let me know.

You will need a copy of CyberBoard (free software), which can be downloaded from cyberboard.brainiac.com. Unfortunately, there is only a windows version, and I don't know if there will be a mac version.