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[Fluxx] Reverse order card, 2 player question

  • Fromlint.fluxx@xxxxxxxxxx
  • DateTue, 28 Mar 2006 17:51:14 -0500
So, I was playing a 2 player game with a friend and the 'reverse order' card came up. What also came up was a discussion on how to handle the card. The card says in a 2 player game treat this card as 'Take another turn'. This seems all fine an dandy until my friend brought up: Does this mean that this new rule card should be treated as an action and discarded? If not, there are some bad consequences. Previously i had bee playign this card as the player gets another turn, and the remover gets another turn. However upon detailed analysis, this is wrong.

Imagine 4 people, 2 you, 2 your opponent, in staggered formation. So, I play reverse order, and thus instead of the person after me going (which is my opponent), the person before me goes (which is my opponent). The card clearly deals with this. However the same issue happens when the card is removed. Please advise.


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