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RE: [Fluxx] the printed rules to Fluxx

  • From"Judy Trummer" <kite@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 30 Jan 2007 11:10:42 -0800
> LWV> Something like "There will shortly be several more card locations -
> a discard pile, a goal area, each player's keeper area, and an
> additional rule area." might be useful - or at least a diagram showing a
> game in action...

The diagram, with piles of cards and arrows all over the place, and the talk about there being a whole bunch of card locations, is what made me glaze over when first introduced to Fluxx. It makes it sound very complicated.

The concept I had the most trouble with at first was the idea that "playing" a Keeper doesn't generally make anything happen; you're just setting it down and saying it's yours. But I was never particularly worried about where to *put* it -- doesn't the card say "to play this card, set it in front of you"?

I suppose it would be too evil to just put a little slip of paper in with the deck saying, "Draw one, play one, do what it says on the card you played." But I'd be inclined to say the goal (har, har) is to write the simplest, briefest set of rules that will make the game playable.

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