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From:  Chris Goodwin

The rules for Fluxx:  

To start the game, deal out three cards to each player.  

LWV> Well, ACTUALLY, to start the game, you probably want to find the
two basic rules cards first (and any other non-playing cards - are there
any of these still included in the deck?), before dealing any out.
Then you want to shuffle the rest of the cards.

Put the rest of the cards in the center of the table as a draw pile,
then put the Basic Rules card next to the draw pile.

LWV> This line becomes
After shuffling, deal three cards to each player (face down) and place
the remainder of the cards face down in a draw pile. 

LWV> Something like "There will shortly be several more card locations -
a discard pile, a goal area, each player's keeper area, and an
additional rule area." might be useful - or at least a diagram showing a
game in action... My most common question when teaching someone, well,
after "what do I do now", is "where do I put this card now?"

  Decide who goes first.  

Anyone can join the game at any time by sitting down and drawing three

To play the game:  

The basic rule is always:

LWV> The basic rules are always:  

* Draw 1, play 1

During one turn, a player must draw one card and play one card.  When it
is your turn to play a card, do what it says.  

If there are any New Rules in play that tell you to draw or play a
different number of cards (or anything else), do what they say.  If you
play a new rules card, do what it says to do.

When you're done with your turn, let the player to your left know and
they will take their turn.  

(boxed text) Note:  Any time a card conflicts with any rule here, do
what it says on the card!  (end boxed text)

LWV> a card _in play_ conflicts

Card Types:  

Each card says on it what to do.  Here are the types of cards and how to
play them:  

* Basic rule:  Draw 1, Play 1.  This card always stays in play as a
reminder of what to do if there aren't any New Rules.

* Action (blue (or, technically, cyan)).  When you play an Action card,
do whatever it says, then discard it.

* Goal (magenta).  When you play a Goal card, put it in the center of
the table.  Discard it whenever someone (including you) plays a new Goal

LWV> Unless, of course, you are playing multiple goals...

* Keeper (green).  When you play a Keeper card, put it on the table in
front of you.  You get to keep it unless another card tells you

LWV> put it on the table _face up_ (unless otherwise instructed by a
card in play)

* New Rule (yellow).  When you play a New Rule card, put it in the
center of the table next to the Basic Rules card.  Discard any New Rule
cards already on the table that this one would contradict.  This one is
discarded if a later New Rule contradicts it.  (In other words, if a New
Rule: Play 3 is on the table, and someone plays New Rule: Play 1, then
discard New Rule: Play 3.)  

LWV> Once you play the new rule card, you follow the new rule. Thus, if
you drew one, and then played a draw three, draw two more cards.


The object of the game is to meet whatever Goal is in play.  If there is
no Goal in play, then no one can win.  

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