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[Fluxx] Re: the printed rules to Fluxx (Austin Muhlestein)

  • From"Austin Muhlestein" <horowits@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 30 Jan 2007 17:29:10 -0700
I think setting up an example game for players to watch step by step how a short game would look would help a lot. It might give people that visual aid of others actually playing the game that they need to understand the rules. I hope this is clear, here is how my example game would go and incorperate all the kinds of cards you would see.

-Introduction (an explantion about the basic rules and the kinds of cards)

-First example turn (Show player A drawing 1 card, and playing 1 card. Perhaps a new rule 'Draw 3' could be played. If that was the case player A would then draw 2 more cards.)

-Second Turn (Show player B drawing 3 cards following the new rule, and then playing his card. Perhaps he plays the Love keeper)

-Third Turn (Show player A drawing 3 cards and playing 1 card. Perhaps an action, 'Take another turn'.)

-Fourth Turn (Show player A taking another turn. Draw 3, Play one. He plays a new rule, Inflation (the card i get most questions about.) Player A then draws 1 more card and plays 1 more card. he plays 'the rocket' keeper.)

-Final Turn (Player B Draws 4 cards (inflation) and plays 2 cards. The first play a new rule 'Hand Limit 1' Forcing player A to discard down to 2 cards) and then at last a goal 'All you need is love" winning the game!!!)

I think with some pictures to go along, something like this would show a very simple game but at the same time show how some of the cards are played and what the results of that play look like. Like I said, it could be a helpful visual aid of how a game is played. But I was thinking more along the lines of a step-by-step guild rather then a video so you could move at your own pace. What do you guys think?


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