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  • DateSun, 15 Apr 2007 23:34:53 -0700
Everything printed is how I have it on the cards except for the "Scott's notes".

2. THE ROBOTS  (Scott's note: Perusing the list, I see I am hardly the first one to add robots, but mine is unconnected to any other suggestions)
4. THE EMPIRE (Scott's note: Star Wars geek here)

1. EVERYTHING'S BETTER WITH BEER: Beer replaces one of the two choices on the current Goal card
(Scott's note: Everyone loves this card.  It's not too powerful and produces some interesting goals.  Everything IS better with beer.)
2. SITCOMS: The player with both Laughter and TV on table wins.
3. MST3K (we miss you): The player with both Robots and Laughter on the table wins.
4. "THESE AREN'T THE DROIDS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR" (OR NO DROIDS FOR YOU): If no one has the Robots on the table, then the player who has the Empire on the table wins.
5. "THAT'S NOT A MOON.  IT'S A SPACE STATION!" (OR MEET THE DEATH STAR): The player with both the Empire and the Moon on the table wins.
6. LIQUID DIET: The player with both Milk and Beer on the table wins.
7. ELECTRIC SHEEP: The player with both the Robots and Dreams on the table wins.
8. HAPPY HOUR: The player with both Time and Beer on the table wins.

1. SHARE CARDS: Each player picks one card which are then randomly distributed to all players (if you have no cards, pull one from the deck)
2. RECONSIDER CHANGE: Change the goal back to the previous one.
    A. You cannot play a Keeper while this card is in your hand.
    B. You cannot play this card unless it is your last option.
(Scott's note: The only Fluxx card that isn't in operation by playing it.  Pure evil.  It goes away only if you are permitted to discard or if all you have left to play are Keeper cards.
I can't describe this card as "popular" because of its diabolical nature, but people seem to like it.  It is the only card in my deck that isn't Fluxx-rule canon, because it isn't played.  I also wrote on the card that you are ON YOUR HONOR with this card because no one would know if you had it or not.  Thankfully, I play with only honest people.)
4. SACRIFICE: By discarding one or more your played Keepers, you may take (and discard) an equal amount of other Keepers on the table.

1. DRAW TO EQUAL (TITLED CREEPING SOCIALISM) Draw cards to equal the player with the largest hand.  Minimum draw is 1 if no one has any cards.
(Scott's note: Like socialism, this rule makes everyone equal in wealth.  Also like socialism, the longer the rule is in effect, the poorer the entire group gets.)
2. NO THEFT: All Action cards that use the words take or steal (and does not contain the word give) from another player(s) are NULL and VOID.
(Scott's note: I saw too many games decided by keepers being stolen.  This rule effects a few cards.)
3. OPPOSITE DAY INVERT RULES: Change draw cards to play cards and vice-versa.  Change hand cards to keeper cards and vice-versa.  Note: "Play All" becomes "Draw 5".

I am currently working on a new batch.  I will post my suggestions.  Perhaps some of you have tried something similar.

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