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  • FromStephanie Cottrell Bryant <steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 17 Apr 2007 07:17:50 -0700
On Apr 15, 2007, at 11:34 PM, fluxxguy wrote:
Everything printed is how I have it on the cards except for the "Scott's notes".

2. THE ROBOTS (Scott's note: Perusing the list, I see I am hardly the first one to add robots, but mine is unconnected to any other suggestions)

We have The Robot, which is a promo keeper available from LL.


Nice, except I think you made it too powerful.

4. THE EMPIRE (Scott's note: Star Wars geek here)

Not powerful enough.

1. EVERYTHING'S BETTER WITH BEER: Beer replaces one of the two choices on the current Goal card (Scott's note: Everyone loves this card. It's not too powerful and produces some interesting goals. Everything IS better with beer.)

It *sounds* too powerful. Most goals that require only one card are too powerful. How many games have ended swiftly because of "All you need is love?" This card is A LOT like "All you need is love." It basically removes, for ONE player, the need for a second card, and doesn't limit which other keeper is needed.

2. SITCOMS: The player with both Laughter and TV on table wins.
3. MST3K (we miss you): The player with both Robots and Laughter on the table wins.

Cool. Gives two goals to Laughter. And Electric Sheep gives two to Robots. [My definition of the right power balance for Keepers is for them to have between 2 and 4 Goals associated.]

4. "THESE AREN'T THE DROIDS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR" (OR NO DROIDS FOR YOU): If no one has the Robots on the table, then the player who has the Empire on the table wins. 5. "THAT'S NOT A MOON. IT'S A SPACE STATION!" (OR MEET THE DEATH STAR): The player with both the Empire and the Moon on the table wins.

Eh. This basically is about 1.5 goals for Empire. Try to find another goal for Empire.

6. LIQUID DIET: The player with both Milk and Beer on the table wins.
8. HAPPY HOUR: The player with both Time and Beer on the table wins.

You have two-plus-everything goals for Beer. I would say this makes Beer too powerful. Consider a "temperance" goal where you win if you have something else and no beer on the table.

    A. You cannot play a Keeper while this card is in your hand.
    B. You cannot play this card unless it is your last option.

I kind of like this one, actually.

I find I need more cards that take away cards in players' hands these days. We have a large deck and there's only the 2 of us playing, so our hands quickly fill up and then we reach a tipping point where it seems impossible for neither of us to win. I introduced "Vow of Silence" to penalize, but since I play with my husband, we're really good at non-verbal communication with each other.


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