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  • From"Melissa Parish" <beautifulfool@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 17 Apr 2007 09:39:29 -0500

On 4/16/07, fluxxguy <fluxxguy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Everything printed is how I have it on the cards except for the "Scott's notes".

7. ELECTRIC SHEEP: The player with both the Robots and Dreams on the table wins.

Yes!  This is one that we've been meaning to make, but haven't gotten around to yet.

4. SACRIFICE: By discarding one or more your played Keepers, you may take (and discard) an equal amount of other Keepers on the table.

We have a similar one called "Sell an Artifact".  Discard a Keeper and draw 4 cards. We wanted it to be about as powerful as Jackpot, so a net of 3 new cards.  And of course, nod to Chrononauts.

1. DRAW TO EQUAL (TITLED CREEPING SOCIALISM) Draw cards to equal the player with the largest hand.  Minimum draw is 1 if no one has any cards.
(Scott's note: Like socialism, this rule makes everyone equal in wealth.  Also like socialism, the longer the rule is in effect, the poorer the entire group gets.)

Ours is called Communism, but we use it for Keepers.  When you play a Keeper, anyone who has more Keepers than you (as counted after you play your Keeper), must discard a Keeper.  This, of course, evens out the number of Keepers, as opposed to the number of cards.

2. NO THEFT: All Action cards that use the words take or steal (and does not contain the word give) from another player(s) are NULL and VOID.

We have this tied to another Keeper that we made: the Shield.  The Shield protects the person who has it from Action cards, like Steal a Keeper, Trash a Keeper. Rule cards still affect it though, like Keeper Limits. (The Shield Keeper also joins with a Sword Keeper for a Knight Goal)


Anyway, those are my few cents.  <3 Fluxx Blanxx.

~ Melissa

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