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Re: [Fluxx] my blanxx I've made

  • From"Chris Kice" <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 17 Apr 2007 16:07:16 -0500
I actually took the time to make a spreadsheet of all the Keepers and Goals in my deck and counted up how often they were used.  I, too, hate that some Keepers are way too "heavy" (can help you win a lot) and others are really "light" (barely used goal-wise).

I used that as a guide to make a stack of new Goals to fill in the gaps.  War was one that was extremely light, leading to the creation of CNN [War + Television], World War [Earth + War], and The Art of War [Sun + War].  By default, War only had one "official" goal: War = Death.

The spreadsheet is attached if you're interested (or want to use your own).

Another way to control goals is rules to keep them in check.  I have one called "Aimless" that lets you dump all goals in play and another called "Food Poisioning" that cancels out food keepers if Poison is on the table.


On 4/17/07, James Hazelton <jameshazelton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You guys seem to be worrying a whole lot about game balance. You don't consider how, in a standard deck of Fluxx, Chocolate is, what, 4 or 5 times more powerful than War. If you get really into promos and blanxx, you don't really have to worry about game balance, since any individual card takes so long to get drawn. Nobody ever wins with All You Need Is Love, since by the time you get 10% into the deck, everyone has three keepers or more.

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