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Re: [Fluxx] Radioactive Potato timing question

  • From"Daniel W. Johnson" <panoptes@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 2 Sep 2007 15:23:38 -0400
At 12:45 -0400 2007-09-02, Andy Looney wrote:
The one game I've played with potato in the deck, we ruled
"simultaneous". Mostly because it's easier -- you don't have to reason
about momentary states.

Yes, absolutely, it simultaneous. Everything happens immediately in Fluxx.

So, to make sure everybody is on the same page (including anybody who thought the end of turn mattered for goals and/or Radioactive Potato):

If Play All is in effect, you have a hand full of goals, each of the other players has keepers that match exactly one of the goals in your hand, and the Radioactive Potato is in front of you, you can order the playing of your goals so that the Radioactive Potato inhibits each one in sequence.
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