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Re: [Fluxx] Computer question

  • From"Karen F" <kkrflint@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 12 Sep 2007 06:51:42 -0400
 I had to order 2 as well, one as a stand alone and one to mix in with my Mega Fluxx deck.  The game was great and didn't take as long as we were thinking it would.  7 players, printed translation sheets, no promos.  Though we were wishing for more detailed translation sheets.  Are there any other translations out there?  Oh...have to mention that I ended up winning with AYNIL!!!  I had some party packs that everybody thought were really cool though none of the group have their own Fluxx decks.  I of course told them that they now had to go get their own.  ;-)
 2 decks of Zombie Fluxx would do it (I got one to have and one to give as a Halloween gift).



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