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Re: [Fluxx] Attention Play First-ers: Beware of Draw 2 & Use 'Em!

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Bad, bad, nasty Zoot! (er, Pandora!)
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Pandora !?! Why is this box open?


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If you play Draw 2 and Use 'Em before you have completed your draw phase, it will deplete your Draw quota by two. Recall that D2aUE causes you to draw and play two cards instantly, but the plays don't count toward your play limit for the turn. However, the draws do! So if the rules are "Draw 5, Play 1" and you play D2aUE right away, you only have three cards left to draw. Draw 3, Play 2 of Them is even worse for this!

(Now, you might be thinking that the card was obviously written with it in mind that the draws won't count, but in this new world of playing before drawing, we must remember that it is the letter of the rules, and not the spirit in which they were written, that is most important!)

Tune in next time, when I show why you can't apply the Hand Limit during your turn, even though Andy says you can!

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