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Re: [Fluxx] Monty Python Feedback Feedback

  • From"Mark D. McKean" <qpanda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 05 Aug 2008 16:39:37 -0400
on 8/5/08 4:27 pm, Andy Looney at andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>> Could it just be shown
>> on it's back and labeled: "Parrot" ?
> No. I'm not going adjectiveless and I'm not calling it Dead. The debate is
> between Resting (to silence the whining purists) and Sleeping (which I
> still prefer). Either way, I'm all about the contradiction between the
> pictured reality and claims of possible aliveness made by the text. It
> plays great as a Sleeping Parrot.

If Dead isn't an option, I think Sleeping sounds better, even if it's not a
direct quote. Resting Parrot just sounds weird to me, as a word combination.


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