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Re: [Fluxx] More thoughts about Hovercraft Eels

  • FromAndy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 07 Aug 2008 16:33:32 -0400
Tim Wezner wrote (in an email he sent to me because for some reason the list is rejecting his email:

> One suggestion: Say, "Pick one other player."

I would disagree with that.  Yes, I'm sure there will be players who
don't realize they can choose themselves as one of the two players.  But
that doesn't mean we should overdo the card text to compensate.  One of
the beauties of the game is the simplicity in the directions.

And honestly, it wouldn't be the first time people didn't realize that a
card could work in more ways than they thought.  I can't tell you how
many people I've played who never realized that the wording on hand
limits allowed them to choose to observe the limit or not during their
turn.  Even seasoned fluxx players have told me they never thought the,
"may ignore the hand limit," text would allow them to discard unwanted

If the text were confusing or misleading, then I'd say change it.  But
honestly, I think it's fine as it is.

I agree, Tim. But just to help make it clear, I squeezed the word "any" into the first sentence, so it's "Choose any two players."