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Re: [Fluxx] Zombie Fluxx reprint?

  • FromHarold Tessmann III <macmog@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 14 Apr 2009 20:58:58 -0400
Andy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed something resembling:

Andy, did you intend that Creepers
should prevent you from winning
in general?


It is true that I've been increasingly using them that way, but I don't think of Creepers as being neccessarily win-stopping. The only thing that's universal about the Creeper is the boilerplate stuff about how you must immediately play it, and the general idea that it's usually an undesirable thing. Making Creepers explicitly win-stopping would make the overall design more constrictive than I would want.

Sure, but I don't see much different design-wise, within a single set, between most Goals saying "creepers prevent the win" or the Creepers saying "prevent you from winning, unless the goal says otherwise". It does matter if you mix sets: then you have the case where the zombies do or don't prevent you from winning with a Monty Python goal, depending on where you put the text. I think you've said before that you don't spend much time worrying about mixed sets, but I threw a few zombies into Monty Python Fluxx and it made things annoyingly weird.

In the specific case of Zombie Fluxx, I still favor the format I've got for several reasons. First, there are a LOT of creepers in that game - 15, as opposed to 6 in MPF and just 4 in 4.0. So it would be a lot more punishing for them to always stop victory in ZF, and that's not what I was going for. Indeed, only a little more than half of the ZF goals say no zombies, which reflects my view of the post-uprising world.

This makes me think I didn't explain my point clearly enough. The zombies don't have to prevent all victories. They can say "prevents a win, unless the goal says otherwise" and Zombie Fluxx would still play the same. It would just make the zombies do something if mixed into in other decks.

I looked at the flamethrower pack and thought about adding another 6 zombies to Zombie Fluxx, but that did seem like overkill. And then the zombie in the coat and hat vaguely reminded me of the historian who gets slain in Holy Grail, and I thought a zombie historian would work in Monty Python Fluxx...

Ah well, this has gotten far too silly. Now what could you do with a zombie in Are You the Traitor?